Anglicare, in response to the Christian faith, strives to achieve social justice and provide the opportunity for people in need to reach fullness of life.

Awards for excellence


Anglicare has won prestigious awards in the recently announced Australasian Housing Institute awards.

Our work at Trinity Hill won two categories - and showcased how social housing is making a positive difference for young Tasmanians. 


And while you're on our website, read how a Trinity Hill resident takes on new challenges.





Caption: Trinity Hill workers Raf Patterson and Bek Gale with the AHI awards




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From the CEO

Tell people about this opportunity


Do you know someone with the expertise and enthusiasm to help make Anglicare services the best they can be?

We are looking to recruit four new members of the Participant Advisory Council (PAC).

 PAC is an important way for people who use Anglicare services to participate in organisational decision-making. By sharing ideas and insights, PAC members influence the design and delivery of our services. They give us an ‘inside view’ of what it’s like to use Anglicare services.

 In recent times, PAC members have had input into our Disability Employment Strategy. They’ve also shared their thoughts about appropriate ways for a person to ‘exit’ an Anglicare service.

 All members of PAC have lived experience of Anglicare services, either as a client, a former client (within the past 2 years), or as a family member or carer of someone using an Anglicare service.

People apply for a position on the Council through a short interview and if successful, are appointed for two years. Members may be reappointed for a further two years.

At the end of 2017, four current members will finish their time with PAC.

You can help to recruit new PAC members.  We would like to have representatives from a range of services and from across the state. Think about people you know who might want to contribute in this way. Tell them about the opportunity. If they’re interested in finding out more, email our Parish Community Development Worker, Margaret Savage and she will follow up with them.

The members of PAC attend meetings in Launceston four times a year.  Transport is arranged or their travel expenses covered. Members are reimbursed financially for the time they give to the council ($150 per meeting).

PAC members say it’s a chance to work in a team, to learn and to share skills and knowledge. Mostly, they see it as a way to help others. PAC offers valuable suggestions about the variety of ways Anglicare can reach and support people. I meet with PAC regularly and appreciate the contributions of its members. They offer different perspectives and engage purposefully with us.

Thanks for spreading the word about this opportunity.


Chris Jones

Anglicare CEO



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